The beautiful built house I sold

The beautiful built house I sold

 In late summer of 2015 I was at the Veterinarian’s office in Glenview when my phone rang. The Vet had just told me that my 13 year old puppy was bleeding from the eyes and I was unable to see any bleeding and was a little unsure if my Vet was correct in his evaluation. He left the room and I decided to answer the call. I wasn’t sure if I knew the person on the other end but she was asking me about the foreclosure process and how difficult was it to purchase. Being a dedicated foreclosure agent for Bank of America I was able to answer any and all of her concerns.

She is a delightful woman who had been on my Website reviewing properties and had some questions about a few properties she had viewed. I was glad to assist her and I explained the situation I was in with my puppy. She understood as she also was the owner of a dog that was getting up there in age. She was extremely kind and told me to call her later that evening. When I called back she gave me an address in Highland Park and we met the next day.

When I arrived at the property I introduced myself to Bonnie and her husband Mark. Bonnie grew up in Highland Park and after she and Mark were married they built a home in Buffalo Grove where they had two daughters who were now working in other areas and decided that they wanted to move back to Highland Park and Mark’s business was also in Highland Park.

They weren’t sure whether they would tear down an old home on a good piece of land or buy an existing luxury home. As we went through the process I realized that they were two very funny and intelligent people. It was so much fun working with them that we became good friends. Eventually we found a wonderful home in West Highland Park that we put an offer on that the seller could not refuse.

The new luxury house

The new luxury house we purchased

We closed on this beautiful house in late November of 2015 and now I was ready to use my Warren Buffett Approach for Selling Homes. His is a practical guide to protect you from Real Estate Greed and bank more by taking a Value Driven Approach. We listed at the end of 2015 and closed in early April of 2016. I was doing an open house nearly every weekend as the market was extremely slow. Every weekend I had a value driven approach to selling my clients house. Whenever I walked into Bonnie & Mark’s house they always had a smile, a funny story and a stack of Oreo cookies.

I am a very lucky man that I answered my cell in the Vet’s office. After you watch the video you will understand why. Thank you to Mark and Bonnie and all the joy they brought me and the successes that I delivered to them!

Please remember that in my 16 years of helping buyers and sellers I am fortunate that my successes have taken me to the North Shore of Chicago and beyond. 


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