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My real estate career has had many great things happen over the last 16 years.  Back in the mid 90’s while having dinner with my wife and 5 years old son, my wife suggested that I might like going back to school and taking a couple of classes.  It was an interesting idea as I so enjoyed learning and I had time when not traveling. It was a time that life was good, as my company the Newman-Schlossberg Group was doing extremely well.  We were a sales and manufacturing group in the Bridal Industry.  I had a great business partner and we were managing 5 showrooms at the Apparel Center.  Our manufacturing partner was producing bridesmaid dresses in California and shipping across the country. 


I decided that school was definitely a possibility as I wanted to gain more education on specific subjects.  I really didn’t know where to go or what classes to take.  After discussing with my wife and realizing that whatever classes I took had to be in downtown Chicago, close to my office.  As I pondered my choices of schools downtown a light went off in my head, I always had an interest in real estate.  I looked to see who offered real estate classes for investing in real estate but somehow I decided that going to real estate school and getting licensed as an agent first and then a broker seemed like an interesting option. 


Only 8 blocks from my office on North Michigan Ave. is Realtors Real Estate School.  I took a walk over to find out what they offered and the rest is history.  It was different as far as getting licensed as an agent & broker then it is today.  This was hard core school that took 3 years and today it can be a week.  My goal was never to change careers but to be licensed as an agent and then a broker. 


In 2000 an opportunity presented itself that became a life changing event.  I engaged in conversation with some people about opening a new real estate office in The Glen in Glenview.  In 2002 I left the bridal industry and opened the first real estate company in The Glen, Willow Lake Real Estate.  I had to recruit agents, run the company and work with buyers and sellers.  I loved what I was doing putting in 12 hour days.  In 2008 I sold the business and in 2011 I joined @properties.  While at @properties I could focus on buyers and sellers.  The year before coming to @properties I also began working with Bank of America listing foreclosure properties.  


The journey has gone on for over 16 years but I have loved every bit of it.  I have made a decision that because of my success in real estate I would give a percentage of each closing to the Northfield Food Pantry.  It’s an amazing feeling to give back to our less fortunate neighbors who struggle to put food on their table.   Every day I feel blessed that I can live my life as I choose and I thank all the people I have met on this journey. 


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