One of the most beautiful Christmas Light displays is at Kohl’s Children’s Museum in The Glen, Glenview.  The museum is on the corner of West Lake Avenue and Patriot Boulevard directly across from The Glen Town Center.  As I drove around The Glen and took in all the fabulous Christmas Lights displays in all the various subdivisions the other night  I found Kohl’s Children’s Museum’s display.

Christmas Lights Were Prominent in All Subdivisions in The Glen in Glenview

Kohl’s put in so much work and time to establish a gorgeous display.  But honestly what I saw throughout The Glen was truly breathtaking.  I loved driving around The Glen and finding so many homes with such great Christmas Lights and decoration – this included The Landings, Southgate, Cambridge as well as Chapel Crossing. 

It’s a great time of year to celebrate a great tradition no matter what your religion or beliefs. The Glen in Glenview should be proud of their beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.  To top it all off you have a fantastic light show from Kohl’s Children’s Museum.  I can’t forget to mention that on a few trees the parade of lights looked like a fireworks display.  Totally incredible! 

I wanted to share this amusing article with you entitled:

“6 Rules of the Greatest Christmas Lights Ever” 

  1. The More Lights You Use the Better
  2. Always Go for Colored Lights Not Just White
  3. Lights Should Blink and Flash in a Migraine-Producing Pattern
  4. Use as Many Blue Icicle Lights as You Can 
  5. Don’t Forget the Lit Reindeer from Wal-Mart
  6. Inflatable Christmas Characters are a Must. The more the better.

This article was written by the Grumpy Gardner and published in ‘Southern Living’ on Nov. 1, 2015. Read the entire article:

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