As you can see from this video, the best word to define all that Gallery Park in The Glen has to offer is simply: Incredible!

Gallery Park Signage

Gallery Park Signage

The 45 acre lake is surrounded by winding trails, never displaying a complete view of the water from any single point. The fingers of land and bays off the lake create a domain for exploring and recreation. Shallow overhangs and trees submerged provide fish environment, while partially submerged trees provide a place for birds and turtles. 

See the sign for Gallery Park to the left showing the size of the lake and the surrounding amenities.


The Fish are Biting in Gallery Park

All day long you see many fishermen pondering what fish they will try to catch next. The lake has been stocked with Walleye, Northern pike, largemouth bass, channel catfish, fathead minnows, green sunfish, and bluegill.

The lake and surrounding area provide habitat for wildlife such as great blue herons, crayfish, bullfrogs, snapping turtles, northern water snakes, and dragonflies.

Close to Six Miles of Walking and Jogging Trails

The park is, first and foremost, open space for the residents. There are many ways the public can use the park, along with adjacent Park Center, Attea Middle School, athletic fields and Lake Glenview. There are close to six miles of walking and bicycle/ jogging trails you can enjoy with your friends or many people use the trails for walking their dog. The park also features tennis courts, soccer field which is also used for large corporate functions. 

Little Bear Garden is Great Fun for Kids

Little Bear Garden

Little Bear Garden

On the corner of Chestnut Avenue and Patriot Boulevard is Little Bear Garden (picture to the left). For starters it’s completely fenced-in. Great for runaway toddlers. Little Bear Garden offers kids and parents washrooms, water fountains, play equipment, sprinklers, benches and tables for those who want to picnic. The little hedge maze, with benches at its center is a favorite for all.

Gallery Park is bordered by Chestnut Avenue on the south, Patriot Boulevard to the west, Lehigh Avenue on the east and West Lake to the north. There are parking lots off of West Lake Avenue and at Attea Junior High off of Chestnut Avenue. Park your car on Chestnut Avenue or Patriot Boulevard but please make sure you read the street signs about what time of day parking is legal.

Enjoy Gallery Park in The Glen in Glenview for all it has to offer to the residents of The Glen or if you’re visiting from another area. If you need to get something to eat or looking for a store, there are over 60 shops and restaurants right across the street at The Glen Town Center.  

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