Cracks In Chimney Capping

Cracks In Chimney Capping

The next time you are buying a property in The Glen make sure you get the best home inspector.  You will have fewer worries knowing that a competent person is inspecting your home. 

Note:  A good home inspector will indicate things such as cracks in your chimney cap (as picture to the left).  Allowances should be made for repairs.

Just ask a friend who has purchased a property recently in The Glen or ask your realtor.  I would be glad to refer a great inspector in The Glen in Glenview.  Contact me for a referral.

Your home purchase in The Glen in Glenview is one of the biggest investments of your life.  It’s very important to know exactly what you’re buying. The one way to ensure this is through a professional inspection. 

A Good Home Inspection Is Worth The Investment

I have always recommended that my clients hire a good inspector for new home purchases in The Glen in Glenview.  Don’t just go online and find the cheapest inspector.  Ask your realtor or friends who have purchased a property in the last year or two in The Glen.  If they were happy with the inspection they will be glad to refer their home inspector.  There are two basic types of properties in The Glen in Glenview, Glen townhomes & Glen single family homes.

Being a real estate broker for over 15 years in The Glen in Glenview, I have seen the best and the worst of inspectors.  If my clients don’t know any home inspectors I am glad to offer my opinion on 3 or 4 home inspectors all having done inspections in The Glen.  Some vary in price and the most expensive is not necessarily the best. 

Most inspection costs depend on the type of property and the size of that property, the larger the property the higher the cost.  

I try to find home inspectors who have worked in some of the Glen sub-divisions.  You can ask an inspector have you ever worked at Landings at The Glen or Southgate.  Some inspectors may have worked at Chapel Crossing or Cambridge in The Glen.

Good Home Inspectors Will Check EVERYTHING

I watch inspectors while they are working.  I want to see if they check everything from opening up windows to checking the roof. 

I also want to see how they communicate with the buyer and what type of a report they give the buyer.  I am most impressed with online reports with pictures and video’s. 

Chimney Brick Work Needs Tuckpointing

Chimney Brick Work Needs Tuckpointing

Keep in mind that The Glen home inspection report is what the buyer depends on when negotiating home issues.  If there is a roof or chimney problem isn’t it best to see a video of the roof with the inspector describing the problem?  What is the likely hood that you will be going on the roof to see if you need tuck-pointing to the chimney (as seen pictured to the right) or cracks in the chimney? 

Chimney Issues Are Quite Common

Why would anyone buy a property without knowing the problems of that property?  It may be necessary for the buyer to walk away from that property because of the issues. At the very least you will be able to negotiate part or the entire cost of repairs.  The role the home inspector plays is extremely important to that buyer and having peace of mind. 

Chimney issues are very common.  We don’t go on our roof to check for tuck-pointing or cracks on the chimney. This is the job of a licensed home inspector.  Chimney cracks and chimney tuck-pointing are part of a good inspectors report. That’s why we need an inspector

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