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Gemworld International Necklace

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Gemworld International Brooch

Gemworld International is located at 2640 Patriot Boulevard Suite 240 in The Glen in Glenview, Illinois. The company specializes in Gem and Jewelry appraisals as you wait.  They do not buy or sell Jewelry. You will be present during the appraisal. They do four basic types of appraisals, Insurance, estate, donation and liquidation as I will explain the differences of each.

Insurance Appraisal

An insurance appraisal is prepared so the customer can get precise planned insurance on a piece. The most public coverage appraisal is a replacement kind of policy. Basically, this policy defends for maximum dangers and allows for the item to be substituted with a similar item of jewelry. Another type of coverage is the agreed value policy where the reimbursement is for cash and not for replacement of the jewelry. Usually, these guidelines would carry a upper premium. All coverage matters should be conferred with your representative to determine what analysis will best serve your specific wants.

A Point Of Sale Appraisal

A point of sale certificate is comparable to an insurance certificate in that a retail cost is provided so that the client can buy insurance. But, this document may be provided by the real supplier of the item of jewelry and it will account the real selling price. In this kind of appraisal, the supplier is revealing his/her role in the transaction. This type of certificate is binding and is usually satisfactory for attaining insurance.

Other Types OF Appraisals-Donation And Estate

When a piece of jewelry is being contributed to any charitable association, an appraisal may be mandatory. The cost to be used for tax recording is normally the reasonable market value. This is definite as the price that a ready buyer and prepared seller would agree upon.

Gemworld International Location

Gemworld International Location

An example of just market value might be the value that an item sells

Gemworld International Location

Gemworld International Location

for at a local sale. Seldom is this value worth full retail price. Depending on the situation of the item and the appeal of the item, the fair market value might be as low as “scrap” value or rarely, as high as retail value.

If arranging for a donation or estate contact the IRS via their website for more data concerning appraisal expectations.

Please contact Jennifer Santi one of four appraisers at Gemworld International at 847.657.0555 ext. 205 to schedule your appraisal.


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