I had the opportunity of meeting Reena on a cold March morning when I was conducting an open house. The elegant young woman walked through the doors as I was helping out another client with the details of the house.

An Open House in The Glen is a great place to meet a buyer



Soon after the other visitor left, I got to know that Reena was out looking for a residence on her first home buying journey. I didn’t have many visitors that day and we engaged in a long conversation where I got to learn about her ideas and preferences about purchasing a property. She got married recently and lived with her husband in their condo located in Wheeling. The location was ideal for her, but she was interested in the surrounding suburbs which she wanted to check out.

I love first time home buyers 


I have always loved to work with first time home buyers. It gives me an opportunity to share the knowledge I acquired through my experience and help the buyers find their dream home. It reminded me of my first venture, when I wasn’t aware of so many things about the industry. We talked at length where I explained to her the importance of buying a home with value which could be sold off later for a profit to the next buyer.


Reena was quite inquisitive and enquired a lot about properties. I sent her listings to check out and followed that up with fortnightly calls to find out about the preferences of the couple. A couple of months later I got a call from Reena and she wanted to browse through few town homes in Morton Grove.

It was my first chance to meet Joel


It gave me the opportunity of meeting her husband Joel and realized how compatible their preferences for property were. I really liked the experience of the first meeting while we visited the homes before they showed their liking for some three level town homes. It is not often that I get to check out properties located in that suburb.

After a discussion on the pros and cons of town homes and single family homes, they decided to go for the latter. A degree in designing and home upkeep helped me track the issues in those homes which could end up costing them. Many of those were constructed in the 50’s and 60’s and needed maintenance including window replacements.

master bedroom

The outing proved profitable for Reena and Joel who were now better

master bath

equipped to make their decision. We made an offer on a two story town home in Deerfield which they just fell in love with. We quickly attended to the formalities of having an attorney inspect the contract and carrying out an inspection.

Michael Jordan’s Mansion?

It was a wonderful experience when I congratulated Reena and Joel on their successful transaction. Both of them are really great and I look forward to representing them when they buy Michael Jordan’s house in a couple of years.



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