Click on the video to see the Glenbrook South High School marching band and of course Mrs. Santa Claus.  Where does Santa hangout before Christmas?  Most would say the North Pole but I have heard that Santa is actually hanging out in The Glen in Glenview.

The other day I saw a bus heading to The Glen from Glenbrook South High School.  Santa was riding on top of the bus and I decided to follow. 

The Chapel in The Glen

The Chapel in The Glen

The first place I saw Santa get off the bus was on the corner of Patriot Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue.  Please keep in mind Santa was not dressed in his traditional garb.  He was wearing a brown knit hat with a long sleeve navy crew neck sweater and a pair of jeans.  You knew it was Santa with his rounded glasses and long white beard and mustache. He walked into The Chapel at Chapel Crossing.

 I followed him in and saw him praying.  I was proud to see Santa on his knees.  All of a sudden he stood up.  I moved as quickly as possible so he would not see me.  He walked out of The Chapel and made a beeline across the street to The Glen Town Center.  I stayed about thirty feet behind so he would not recognize that I was following him. 

Does Santa Fancy Cuisine in The Glen?

RA Sushi Bar in The Glen

RA Sushi Bar in The Glen

Santa made a mad dash to RA Sushi Bar.  I was watching him from the window as he had an assortment of Sushi.  My immediate thought was Santa is watching his weight!  I was proud of his choice.  After a cup of tea Santa got up and left RA.

Eggsperience Great Breakfast and Lunch in The Glen

Eggsperience Great Breakfast and Lunch in The Glen

As he walked north in The Glen Town Center he crossed the street and walked into Eggsperience.  I was able to get a table across the room from Santa but was still able to see what he was eating.

He started with a glass of orange juice followed by a large apple pancake.  He was not done yet.  A stack of buckwheat pancakes, a side of bacon, ham and hash browns.  Santa can really pack it away.  He finished with his dessert a Belgian Waffle drenched in maple syrup.  Please Santa it’s time to go back to the North Pole.  But instead Santa crossed the street again and stumbled in to Your Pie a new pizza place in The Glen.

Is Santa the Heaviest Character in The Glen?

Santa’s weight has been estimated between 250 pounds to a robust 1,030 pounds.  Watching him digest food from four restaurants he could be tipping the scale closer to his high point.

Your Pie Pizza in The Glen

Your Pie Pizza in The Glen

At Your Pie, Santa took it easy and ordered a pan pizza with sausage, peperoni and spinach.  He washed it down with a chilled glass of Root Beer.  I was hoping that Santa realized that going down chimney’s in a few days would not be easy gorging himself was not going to help.

Santa had reached the end of The Glen Town Center to the north and headed back south.  With an unbelievable surprise he made a stop at Jos A Bank store for men.

Jos A Bank Men's Clothing in The Glen

Jos A Bank Men’s Clothing in The Glen

Santa walked in the store but I was unable to see what he was doing.  10 minutes passed, then an hour. All I could think was – if this is a clothing store, not a restaurant, what was he doing? 

He did leave the store with several packages in hand. Perhaps they were last minute gifts for a few ‘nice’ people he found while visiting the restaurants in The Glen.

As the day got shorter and night started to fall I looked up into the sky and there he was…

Merry Christmas and Good Night

Santa wishing you a Merry Christmas and Good Night

and I thought I could hear him bellow as his sleigh rose up into the bright moonlight: “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Ho Ho Ho!”  He must have been practicing!

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