How To Sell Property

Property Awareness and Pricing Your Home

Barry Newman is a full-time real estate professional. I do not have another job or employment and I spend many hours per week visiting and researching homes in the real estate market. I use different tools such as the MLS and Agent Metrics to ascertain were your home should be priced so it will sell faster and still bring value to you the homeowner.

As a realtor for the last 15+ years I have been fortunate to sell properties all over the North Shore. Each town is different and having the knowledge and experience to use the data and information to price your property realistically with no hesitations

Believing and Comprehending

I am very aware of the importance of selling your home and the stress and time it has on each and every homeowner. This is a business with the results being to sell your home in the fastest amount of time and for the most money. Not every agent considers the importance this has on a homeowner. Just taking a listing and sticking it on the MLS is not how I work. I must be there for you to let you know about the market, answer any and all questions and continue to study pricing trends so your property is always priced correctly.

Marketing and Advertising

When I start working with a seller the first two suggestions I make is to use a contractor and a stager. The contractor can repair and put life back in a property by fixing home issues or adding a touch of paint to refresh the entire property. The Stager who works primarily in the North Shore, help customers prepare their homes for a quick and profitable sale. They can plan and execute your home staging or organizing project from start to finish or provide you with detailed recommendations in order for you to complete the work. Their priority is providing creative solutions that result in the successful sale of your home or a better organized space for living. My Stager understands that a prospective buyer will make a decision on a home within the first few minutes, and that is why your home needs to be “showcase” ready.

Both of these services will significantly enhance the salability of the property. As your listing broker I make sure you’re property has full exposure to other real estate agents and the public. In the North Shore most properties are sold through another real estate broker who brings in the buyer. I will synchronize through accompanying or through our Showing Time service, allowing the buyer to view your home. Also passing on information about your home to other interested parties but also allowing the world to know about your home through the MLS and the Internet. Both my Website and @properties will expose you home through multiple marketing tools. As our tool box is always full of new and traditional ideas. You will receive the benefit of having your property on over 400 Websites and an enhanced listing on all major Websites such as, Zillow, Trulia, MSN and Chicago Over 92% of buyers shop on the Internet. We don’t just stop with Internet marketing. Newspaper advertising and direct mail has been very successful in the North Shore. I will stay on top of all new marketing ideas to make sure your property has the maximum exposure.

Safe & Secure

When I market your property you will know that anyone coming to your home will either be accompanied by me or every real estate broker has to be securely allowed in by responding to security questions through our third party company, Showing Time. Many consumers contact the listing broker directly and in order for them to see your property I will accompany them during the showing of your home.


When we receive an offer the negotiating process begins. The first item is making sure that the buyer has gone through the process of being preapproved for a mortgage or has a letter or document from the bank for proof of funds if they are cash buyers. When the purchase contract is received I make sure that it has been filled out correctly and I then discuss the entire contract with you the seller. As we go through this process I am there to counsel you. All decisions are yours but I have negotiated contracts for over 15 years and hundreds of contracts. Once we have agreed with the buyer on all issues we go into the next process.

Supervise, Due Diligence and Close

During this 5 business day period I will help you with the best attorney. We will find out if repairs are needed to the property and if the buyer can close on time. We will have lines of communication with the buyer’s mortgage broker to make sure that there are no issues with the financing. We will monitor all questions and resolve all problems. I am there from start to finish and to make sure the process moves smoothly and seamlessly until we close.

Please contact me if you are interested selling your home, or if you have any questions. Thank you! Send Mail