Unquestionably, Southgate at The Glen is one of the most sought after sub-divisions in all of Glenview. (Entryway sign pictured at top left.) As one of the original four sub-divisions in The Glen, it boasts magnificent homes. These residences extend west from Patriot Boulevard along the north side of Independence Avenue overlooking The Glen Club Championship golf course.

(Pictured on the left, second from the top, is a view of the Southgate Golf course.)

As you drive south on Independence Boulevard, you will find additional zone three homes. Villas and town homes are found on Langley Circle. Bordered on the north by West Lake Avenue, Southgate continues west to Saratoga Street

Southgate in The Glen was developed by Edward R. James Partners, LLC. James has developed quality developments in Chicagos north shore and northwest suburbs. The company is also currently in the process of building the newest sub-division, Westgate in The Glen.

Exceptional Custom Homes Found in Southgate

Homes in Southgate have the highest home prices in The Glen. This sub-division is 104 acres with 299 distinct properties. The uniqueness of this breathtaking sub-division begins with 55 custom homes built on The Glen Club Championship golf course. The land was sold to these unique buyers with investments from from $650,000 to $850,000 . Owners had the option to employ any builder of their choice including James. Some of the builders of note include Heritage, Oren Pickell and Signature Properties.

Distinctive Villas and Town Homes in Southgate

An almost endless block of 62 distinctive villas and row homes adorn Langley Circle, located on the south end of the sub-division. In 1998 the average price for villas was $288,000 and row house prices began at $350,000. Today those same villas sell for $460,000 and the town homes $560,000. (Some of the beautiful town homes and villas on Langley Avenue are pictured to the left, second from bottom.)

(Some of the beautiful town homes and villas on Langley Avenue are pictured to the left, second from bottom.)

182 Single Family Homes which make up the largest area of Southgate started at $576,000 and custom homes were priced starting at $900,000. In the past few years homes in Southgate in The Glen sold from $874,000 to $2,500,000. Home sizes range from 2,600 square feet to 4,500 square feet. There were eight elevation choices for the original buyers who chose James as their builder.

Parks And Recreational Facilities of Southgate

The Southgate development hosts two splendid parks. (Pictured bottom left is Southgate Children’s Park. It is equipped with state of the art play equipment and has basketball court as well as open fields.)

One of the parks offers a complete playground with state of the art playground equipment, a basketball court, grassy land for football or soccer as well as a gazebo for lunching, drawing or playing hide-and-seek.

As you travel further down and turn east onto Independence you will come across a second park presenting a stoned waterfall, green vistas and incredible trees. Here you can relax and enjoy the splendor of the golf course and the serenity of the Lush surroundings.

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