Residents Living in the Glen in Glenview IL are fortunate to have The Glen Metra Station and Glenview Gateway Shops nearby.They are located close to the corner of Lehigh and West Lake Avenues 

Glen Metra Station

Glen Metra Station

There are two Metra Stations in Glenview. One is located in Downtown Glenview by Lehigh Avenue and Glenview Road.  The newer station is directly within The Glen. It has ample parking with fees as low as $2 a day. 

Coffee and breakfast rolls are sold inside the Metra Station.  The Glen Metra Station will protect you from inclement weather, whether that be the cold, snow or rain that comes to our area. An express train in the morning during the week can get you downtown in 30 minutes.

There are different ticket prices depending if you are traveling the Metra daily or using the train occasionally. You cannot purchase a ticket at The Glen station but once aboard the train the conductor will stop by your seat to obtain money for your trip.  If you are going down to Union Station in the loop, I recommend purchasing future fares in the terminal, especially for a return trip.

If you are going down to Union Station in the loop, I recommend purchasing future fares in the terminal, especially for a return trip by train. If you do not but the ticket the conductor will charge a $3.00 penalty. This is imposed for not buying at Union Station where agents are on duty.

Metra Ticket Prices to Downtown from The Glen in Glenview IL

One Way Ticket $5.75      Reduced One Way Ticket $2.75
10-Ride Ticket $51.25      Reduced 10-Ride Ticket $25.50
Monthly Pass $159.25      Reduced Monthly Pass $97.50


Glenview Gateway Shops Are Located In The Glen

Glenview Gateway Shopping Center

Glenview Gateway Shopping Center

Directly across the street from the Metra Station in The Glen in Glenview is Glenview Gateway Shops. The shops and restaurants are in two buildings. One building has D’Agostino’s Pizzeria and Egg Harbor Restaurant. 

D’Agostino’s is well known for their pizza. You can carry out or have it delivered. They have a complete menu of Italian food for dining. Egg Harbor is a fabulous breakfast spot and also opens for lunch.

The second building has many vacancies but it does feature Turmeric Indian Restaurant, State Farm Insurance, nail spa and a cleaners. If you are unaware of these restaurants and services, stop by say hello and you might be surprised at their great offerings in The Glen in Glenview Gateway Shops just east of Cambridge in The Glen.

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