My last interview with Moses Braxton, a resident of Tower Crossing in The Glen in Glenview, revealed that he has chosen me, Barry Newman, as his future real estate broker. Moses, who golfs often, may put his townhome up for sale and relocate to where it is warmer to improve his golf skills.

Tower Crossing - The Glen

Tower Crossing – The Glen

According to Moses, my reputation as a real estate broker is impeccable but my skills at golf leave much to be desired. His opinion of my golf skills struck a chord in me and made me try to defend myself.

However, he did have a point. My golf game suffered because I spend more time helping home buyers and sellers than practicing the sport.

I personally am very passionate about real estate. I hope to someday connect Moses with a buyer for his townhome who would bring him as large a sum of money as soon as possible.  

My interview with Mr. Braxton of Tower Crossing was very enjoyable. He has been honest and generous with his time. He owns a beautiful townhome and has taken good care of the interior of the home and kept it in great condition.

“Four Level Living” could be difficult. But this is a good location near The Glen Town Center, Gallery Park, Lake Glenview, Gallery Park and plenty of other great places.  

We both realized that we are passionate about golf. Moses challenged me to a match at The Glen Club after the interview. Our wager was small, but we had bragging rights which were more important. We play with the same people who assure me my skills at golf were far superior to Moses. The proceeds from the golfers and the tickets for the fans will be donated to a local charity. A later blog will reveal the charity.  

Tower Crossing Sign - The Glen

Tower Crossing Sign – The Glen

Real estate is active all year at The Glen in Glenview. Residents are always buying and selling in this area. Buyers in search of good houses, great entertainment, great shopping centers, fine education and other features will enjoy The Glen in Glenview.  


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