I am very excited to bring Moses Braxton to you. He is one unbelievable person who also lives in Tower Crossing in The Glen in Glenview, IL.

Tower Crossing - The Glen

Tower Crossing – The Glen

I was lucky and skillful to obtain an interview with Moses. He is certainly an extremely popular celebrity known for his voice, personality and golfing ability in Glenview and especially The Glen.

On most any night you can usually find him in The Glen Town Center dining or singing with one of the local bands. During the day he can be found from 10 am – 1 pm weekly at the Park Center, also in The Glen in Glenview.

A true golf enthusiast, he plays locally in Glenview, or parts unknown, with his buddies or fellow pros. There have been many who have approached him for a quick tip, as helping others is his goal. Rumors have it that Tiger or Rory could be regular callers for help when their game has plummeted. There is only one guy who can confirm these rumors but his silence speaks volumes.

I was invited to see his beautiful home in Tower Crossing in The Glen in Glenview on a glorious day.  As you can see in the video.Moses was dressed in his designer golf attire garb, as he is known across America for. 

There are many people, such as yourself, who would like to live in The Glen in Glenview. This interview gives you some insights about living in Tower Crossing in The Glen.

Tower Crossing Sign - The Glen

Tower Crossing Sign – The Glen

What Moses likes most about living in The Glen in Glenview is its convenience and lifestyle. There are a multitude of wonderful shops, great restaurants and exciting activities just outside his front door. He says he is only five or 10 minutes away from most anything he needs.

The airport is only 20 minutes away. This enables him to jump on a plane and play at a golf tournament, arriving within hours. If he is meeting a friend in downtown Chicago he is only 3 ½ miles from the Eden’s Expressway.

As a professional singer and golfer Moses loves the life style that Tower Crossing in The Glen in Glenview affords him.  Stay tuned to this multi-part video/blog in upcoming weeks as we learn more about this celebrity and a major decision he will make right on this Blog.

This is another reason why Living in The Glen is simply amazing!

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