It was a beautiful late summer evening and my wife and I decided to take a walk in The Glen Town Center. As we strolled down the street we were able to view many fine restaurants with outdoor cafes. My wife suggested she was getting hungry. As we passed the movie theater we found ourselves in front of Uno Mas.

I remembered one of my close friends who lives at Tower Crossing in The Glen had recommended Uno Mas. I was totally surprised at the time. My buddy does not know many good restaurants and typically I don’t go where he suggests. But more about what happened later…  

For now, I want to introduce you to Meggie Helmer, the manager at Uno Mas. What a delight! In the brief video I include here Meggie talks about the restaurant and how much she enjoys working and spending time in The Glen. Take the time to watch it, it’s worth watching an energetic Meggie.

I had been to El Jardin (at this location) enough times to know that 1831 Tower Road  in the Glen Town Center might be jinxed. I was shocked – it was 5:30 pm and the restaurant was packed.  We gave our name to the hostess and waited about 20 minutes. We were lucky in the sense that it was a beautiful day and we wanted to sit outside and the first open table was under a colorful umbrella with a great street view. As a resident of Landings in The Glen, I try to support local businesses in The Glen.

Chips and Salsa Was A Great Start in The Glen

We were quickly served with water, chips and salsa. We were given two types of salsa, hot and mild. I was very happy for my glass of water because hot meant hot. My wife ordered a traditional margarita, which she thoroughly enjoyed. While we were sitting and enjoying our chips and salsa, we struck up a conversation with some lovely people sitting next to us. They were very friendly and the woman, who was also from The Glen, was having the Santé Fe Grilled Chicken Salad. It looked great and to be honest with you, I had never ordered a salad at a Mexican restaurant.

A Short Ride in The Glen for Fantastic Mexican Pizza

Now please keep in mind that my friend who is truly clueless about good food told me about a Mexican pizza at Uno Mas. I checked out the menu and found that Cheese Crisps were the so called pizzas. We ordered the Santé Fe Salad and Braised Short Rib & Avocado Cheese Crisp. The server was very helpful with our selections. While waiting for our food, I glanced at the prices on the menu and noticed the affordability of traditional Mexican fare such as, tacos, burritos, fajitas – even the carne asada.

It was show time as our food arrived. My salad was terrific, with tons of grilled chicken slices and a wonderful south of the border seasoning. The Cheese Crisp was beyond tasty and unique for a Mexican restaurant in the states. It was all so plentiful that I was happy to carry home my “doggie” bag to Landings in The Glen.

It was good to see this Glen Town Center restaurant being so busy. With additional outstanding restaurants and shops in The Glen the greater number of residents and neighbors will start to support the Glen Town Center.

Uno Mas is now my first choice for Mexican food in or around The Glen. I sometimes pick up instead of dining in. Even though my friend still has more misses than hits when it comes to picking good food spots, he picked a winner of a place this time! 

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