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Chapel Crossing Home

Chapel Crossing Home

When your home in the Glen isn’t selling you may need to change your price. Pricing a home correctly is hard work. There is a fine line between too high and too low. It’s not always an easy balance to find. This is why really successful Realtors are sought after. They have a knack for pricing a home right from the get-go.

Whatever your current situation, you may be asking yourself if you need to consider lowering the price on your home. Your goal is to sell your home for the most money possible, in the quickest amount of time. But as time goes by and there are few offers and they are usually too low. Then you need to consider lowering the price. 

Typically if your home in The Glen in Glenview isn’t selling there may several really good reasons. I wanted to gain some additional insight into the reasons you may need to reduce the price of a home. I therefore decided to consult another real estate expert.

When you consult with an expert in residential real estate in The Glen in Glenview you will probably come up with a solution. That expert should have been in the trenches selling homes for quite a while.

Don’t Rely Solely On Zillow Estimates

Unfortunately, homeowners at times do rely on one of the online home evaluation sources that provide estimated values of homes in places like The Glen in Glenview. But I ask: “How often has someone from Zillow been to The Glen in Glenview to look inside of properties?”

What many sellers don’t realize is that these services are almost always totally inaccurate. Buyers and sellers ask real estate agents repeatedly whether Zillow prices are accurate. The answer is absolutely not!

In my experience the Zillow home value estimates are in most instances so far off, it is incredible. In fact look closely at the fine print right on Zillow’s site. They are off the mark by a large percentage in numerous locations around the country.

Simply ask any realtor about the legitimacy of a Zillow home value and you will get an earful of how bad it is. Real estate agents are constantly explaining to their clients that their “Zestimates of value” are not trustworthy!

If you are not aware of this and are selling a home for sale by owner you could make the mistake of thinking this data is trustworthy. This is why it is always a good idea to consult with a local real estate agent, or at the very minimum an appraiser, who can give you a realistic price for your home in The Glen.

Often a buyer wants to make an offer on a property and consults a major Website such as Zillow, Trulia or to get a price. However, they don’t realize that no one from those companies has ever been in the property.

We’ll cover a few more reasons you may have to adjust your selling price in an upcoming article.


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