This is the final part of of a four part series.

Here are my final three reasons why you may need to reduce your price.

5)  There Have Been A Lot Of Showings But No Offers – 

Lovely Front Yard in The Glen

Lovely Front Yard in The Glen

The flip side to not having any lookers is having a ton of lookers – while no one is trying to buy. Your house may be really appealing in a lot of ways, but if the price is not right buyers will go elsewhere. You don’t want your home on the market any longer than it has to be. If you are getting lots of interest buy no offers, consider lowering the price on your home. Sometimes you just need to hit the pricing sweet spot you have been missing.

6)  There Are Too Many Repairs Needed – 

As much as you love your home, you can probably see where there are issues with the upkeep. The buyers will notice them all. If the pets tore up all the landscaping, the heating system is on its last leg, the kids marked up the walls or Mother Nature has taken a toll on the roof. If you are not in a financial position to fix problems with your home, you really can’t ask for a price that does not account for these deficiencies.

Homeowners in The Glen in Glenview typically keep their homes in good condition. You may have tried pricing it just below average, but this may not be enough. If you can’t fix up a problem property you have to account for that when selling. You will have to lower your price accordingly.

Sometimes even after you have procured a buyer a home sale problem will pop up that nobody realized existed. If you don’t have the funds to tackle the problem you could be forced to either reduce the price or give the buyer a credit. Sometimes these things happen and you just have to deal with it. Many call this the “Murphy’s Law” of real estate sales: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” 

7)  Appraisal issues –

Sometimes in real estate sales everything seems to be going as planned. The agent has put the sign out on the lawn, advertised your home well and then quickly you receive an offer from a buyer that is absolutely in love with your home. The only problem is the lender doesn’t see eye to eye with what you, the buyer and the realtor(s) think the value of your home happens to be.

Nothing can kill a deal quicker than an appraisal issue on a home. Learning how to deal with a home appraisal issue is critical. There have been very few appraisal issues in The Glen in Glenview. But if it arises, it can mean the difference of your home sale staying together or not.

A good real estate agent who has been through appraisal difficulties should be able to guide you. If not use the reference I have provided or can provide of needed.

As you can see from this series of articles, there are quite a few valid reasons why you may need, not necessarily want, to reduce the price of your home in the Glen in Glenview, IL.

Start at the beginning with Part 1 if you missed it.

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